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Our Story

It was a steamy day in July…the sun was setting and all of my son’s birthday guests were heading out the door. Although I waved goodbye to them, I knew the night was just getting started.
Between the popped balloons and cake crumbs, I spot a rubber duck and bath toys that I picked out earlier for gifts. What was I thinking?!
If you’ve experienced toddler bath time, then you know the struggle is real. So I attempt to hide the toys (yes, mom of the year over here). He’s only 4…he can’t surely remember I got them?
“Mommy, where are my new bath toys, I am ready for my bath!”
No, I wasn’t ready – I wasn’t ready for all of the splashing water, the towels on the floor, the extra load of laundry I would need to do afterwards, and I REALLY wasn’t ready to be drenched in water from watching him.
I cut bath time short that night. I couldn’t take anymore excitement for the day; I was exhausted.
But later I wondered if there was a product out there that could solve my woes. I searched high and low for a product and came up empty.
I set out on a mission to create a product that helped other parents in need during their nightly bath routines.
I knew that I would need to make a splash guard that kept the splashing water inside the bathtub, yet low enough and clear to allow for positive interaction between parent and child.
I designed a quick prototype of The Splash Baby™ and used it for my children that night to see if it would work like I envisioned it.
And then the clouds parted, and angels came to rejoice. Hallelujah! It actually worked!
I sat on the edge of the toilet and interacted with them as they stirred up their own mini tsunamis. And for once, I didn’t want bath time to end! I loved watching the water droplets hit the clear plastic and roll right back into the bathtub. I loved seeing my kids play while I stayed nice and dry.
It was official – I was now the BEST mom ever.
Since then, I’ve been on a mission to bring playtime back where it belongs, and we are almost there!
Won’t you join the journey with us?

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